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form Joan Irvine's book "Make it with Boxes"
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 Materials WARNING: Adult Supervision
Also: scissors, utility knife, masking tape, compass (or tool for making holes), twist-ties

1 To make your helmet, cut the flaps off the first box, place the box over your head and mark the position of your nose. Have an adult cut a hole around this mark.
2 Cut round notches at the bottom sides of the box, so that the box will sit on your shoulders.
3 Cover the box with aluminum foil. To fit the foil around the face hole, pierce a hole in the foil in the middle of the face area. Carefully cut it as shown and fold the edges back. Decorate your helmet with coloured paper or stickers.
4 To make a space back-pack, tape the top of the cereal box closed. About one third of the way down the box, cut around the front, and sides (but NOT the back) of the box.
5 Cover the box with aluminum foil. It is easiest to wrap the bottom of the box first, tucking the extra foil inside the box. Then wrap the top of the box separately. Decorate your space pack with strips of coloured paper. You can also add side boxes covered with foil.
6 To make a latch so that you can open and close your space pack, wrap an elastic band around a brass fastener into the top middle area of the box, as shown. Strech the elastic to see how far down it will reach and mark that with a dot. Insert a brass fastener at the dot so that the elastic will fit around it and hold the box closed.
7 To make a space camera, cut a round hole in your smallest box big enough to fit the toilet-paper tube.
8 Wrap the two boxes with aluminum foil. Pierce the foil over the hole and tuck in any extra. Wrap the tube with coloured paper or foil.
9 Insert the tube into the hole. Attach the smaller box to the other box.
10 To make straps for the camera and space pack, pierce two holes at the end of each of the strips of bristol board or ribbon. Pierce two holes in each of the back top corners of the space pack. (This is easily done by opening up the lid and using scissors or a compass. Have an adult help you.) Loop a twist-tie through each set of the holes.
11 Pierce the top edges of the back of the camera as in step 10. Insert twist-ties in each set of holes.
12 Insert the twist-ties of the space pack into the holes of the strap. Twist the ties and secure them to the space pack with masking tape. Attach the camera to the straps in the same way.
13 Now put on your outfit! It looks best if you wear white under it.

Material from Make it with Boxes by Joan Irvine, illustrated by Linda Hendry, is used by permission of  Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto, Camada. Text copyright (c) 1991 by Joan Irvine. Illustrations copyright (c) 1991 by Lindra Hendry.

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